Heroic 25 Man Garrosh, is Dead

Written by abys. Posted in Boss Kill Media

The amethyst corruption spreads across the harbor like pus congealing on an infected wound. The sky burns a grey orange through the clouds. Orgrimmar galleons dock on the piers, sails like sheets drenched in blood. The heroes weave their way across the battlefield, dodging the incoming bombardments. Towering above them is the Warchief, muscles bulging and purple, infested with the evil energies of Y’shaarj. The heroes rally. Time is short. Exhaustion threatens to kill them all outright. They attack from every side, one final assault, filled with anger and vengeance and hope.

The Warchief falls. He collapses to his knees, writhing in agony. Every muscle is cut and bleeding, every bone vibrating with the resonance of a thousand spells that threaten to tear him apart. The bombardment ends. The clouds part.

The heroes roar: fierce, relentless, victorious.

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Exile, Raiders and Socials, Congratulations on the first Kill of Garrosh Hellscream 25 Man Heroic.

A superb effort from everyone this week, the DPS really shone and really stepped up to the mark and there was a marked improvement on other weeks by ALL DPS’ers. Tanking by Shaz and Dark was exceptional, and healing was solid all the way through from the entire healing team.

This kill is dedicated to ALL RAIDERS who have taken part in progression on this boss, unfortunately we can only have 25 in for the first kill, but the kill is for everyone.