Welcome to Exile

The core mantra for Exile is quality before quantity.

Exile was founded on Draenor-EU, but in December 2013 we transferred server to Magtheridon to escape the faction imbalance, lag and server queues. We are a guild for raiders, PVP'ers and their friends. We run two raiding teams. One semi-hardcore Mythic raiding team, which raids 3 evenings a week for 3 hours a raid and a more casual Heroic raiding team which raids 2 evenings a week for 2 hours a raid. We also have one PVP team running currently.

We prefer to raid less but more focused since most of our members are not kids in school, but rather working professionals or university students who enjoy raiding and the company of each other. We try to run a disciplined but relaxed raid where progress and fun are the main aims.

We are skilled players who are mature, highly motivated and competitive in the approach to the game,while at the same time remaining patient and humble.

Guild Leadership

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Guild Leadership should you have any questions regarding Exile.

Guild Leader

Mythic Officer Team
Zizo (healing)
Menion (melee)
Voller (ranged)
Marduki (tanking/recruitement)

Heroic Officer Team

Event Officer

Mythic Team Recruitment

    • Recruitment is currently open for selected classes for our Mythic Team,

however our recruitment is always open to exceptional applications

    , click the link at the top of the page to apply. Or speak to any officer that is online.

4/10 Mythic.

Written by menion. Posted in Boss Kill Media

Exile has merged with the Regibus guild to form a stronger team together. Which after a few days off raiding allready resulted in a new kill. Krosus is no longer polluting the water. Good job and welcome, looking forward adding more mythic kills to the list together.


Merry Christmas from Exile

Written by abys. Posted in General

We finish the year on 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 Heroic for Trial of Valor. A good start that we must look to build on when Nighthold comes out! But a good start with a great team and a very good atmosphere at the moment! Raids are a lot of fun currently 🙂

But Merry Christmas everyone to you and your families, to guildees and the wider Warcraft community.